Visible Graduation

Bachelors Programs

Take your love of music and ministry to the next level.

We’ll help you transform your passion into a profession!
Visible’s degree programs are rigorous and seek to equip you through spiritual, professional, and academic development. It’s intense! But also so important in helping you prepare for your future. Each of Visible’s five degree programs integrates theory and practice to support your professional and academic development. You’re immediately immersed in your major courses, labs, and seminars. That means tons of hands-on time doing what you love!


Powerful Programs

Award-winning artists have taught in our halls. Students signed with record labels have learned in our classrooms. If you're willing to put in the effort - we're willing to help elevate your music and worship God with your craft. After all, growth rarely happens in a vacuum. Get plugged in to a community of Christian creative artists fostering the next generation of leaders.