Dual Enrollment

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What if you could earn College Credit in High School? What if those credits could be applied to your future degree? What if doing so gave you access to high quality education that could set you up for Admissions in the future while earning you credit now. We thought about these questions and we have a great option to make it all work together seamlessly.


Tackle College... In High School.

Simple cost per Semester
Max Credits you can take per Semester
All credits do apply to a Degree
Save Time
Efficient way to pursue your passion

Understand the Dual Enrollment Program by the numbers

* Figures above displayed for the 2023-2024 Academic Year
Work towards Your Certificate or Bachelor's Degrees

Credits Count

High School students in their senior year can take up to 6 credits per Semester. Students enrolled in maximum credits for the Fall and Spring semester will receive 12 credits for $3,750.  

Students will have options to continue in the next Summer semester or Fall semester if they apply and are accepted to either the Certificate Program or Bachelors program. All credits earned as dual enrollment count towards Visible Certificate or Bachelor's Degree Programs.

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Dual Enrollment is the perfect chance to get the most out of college and high school while pursuing your passion. Cost effective for families and an amazing experience for the students. It's a win-win for everyone.

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Flexible and Practical

Online or In-Person

Some Dual Enrollment tracks include online classrooms where students are required to be in class via Zoom at specific times. The Music Production and General Education tracks are fully online courses, meaning that students do not have specific class meeting times to attend allowing for flexibility with your current High School Objectives.