Visible is affordable and effective.

You’re ready to go deeper in your understanding of leadership and ministry; to gain the training needed to truly succeed in what you’re called to do. At Visible we want to partner with you to do just that – grow and be the difference the world needs. Our Master’s programs are designed to be efficient, easily accessible, affordable, and impactful. With all of our courses offered in a remote-access format, you can take live classes from the comfort of your home. Both tracks can also be done within two years, getting you on your way to the next part of your life.


What you'll need to Apply at Visible

The application process does not need to be strenuous, give us a call today and we will walk you through step by step.

Graduate Requirements

Click here to view the minimum admission requirements for our two Master of Arts programs.

Application Process

Click here to learn and understand the admission's process here at Visible Music College. The process is easy and straightforward to complete.

Cost Comparison

The cost of college is high today. We get it. We want to make college accessible and affordable without ever lowering the quality of the education we provide. We think you'll like the results. Click here to learn more

Understand the Admissions Process

What you'll need to succeed.

It's important to note, that each program may have separate individual requirements. Remember to check the individual degree pages for additional program requirements. In the meantime, its good to keep a few things in mind:

  • Undergraduate GPA must be a minimum of 2.5
  • Students must give credible witness of a personal salvation experience and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Students must complete an Interview with MAL or MAW Program Coordinators
  • Students must submit undergraduate transcripts demonstrating a completed Bachelor’s degree. Student's short of completing a Bachelor’s degree may apply for degree completion at Visible.
The Cost of a Graduate Degree at Visible


We understand that College should not leave you in what feels like a mount of debt. That is why our Pricing is compassionate and empathetic of your future without any reduction in the effectiveness of your degree path.

  • Accredited Graduate level coursework and degrees
  • Fair and competitive pricing compared to similar colleges.
  • Superior community experience with low class sizes
  • Learn from professionals who have applied their academic success to the real world.