Tuition and Fees

An incredible education is not out of reach.

We encourage all applicants to apply and contact us for our academic, talent, and other Visible scholarships. Federal financial aid along with alternative loan programs are available to those who qualify. The cost of tuition is inclusive of all fees as well as access to all textbooks. Payment Plans can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Please email our Financial Aid Manager, Tonya Williams or call 901.381.3939 ext 228.


A Quality Education Can Be Affordable.

Avg. Bachelors Tuition Rate
Avg. Housing Cost
Books, Software, and Fees*
Meal Plan, Laundry, and more

The number that matters most is what you pay after scholarship and aid.

* Figures above displayed for the 2023-2024 Academic Year *Books are loaned to be returned and Master's Textbooks are not included.
Options to Cover College

Paths To Zero

Affording and paying for college can be stressful and overwhelming. Our admissions staff and financial aid advisors are ready to assist you in finding the right scholarships, grant, and loan options available for you. Here are a few ways students with differing degree plans might pursue their education without immediate financial obligation. 

Residential Housing Costs

Your Home away from Home

For those who are choosing an on-campus program, getting the details on housing is important. We require all four year in-person degree students to live on-campus. Dorms are state of the art, clean, and optimized for students. We do this because we understand the stress of a tenuous living situation so to remove the distractions we provide what you need to succeed.

All Dorms Include:

  • Residential Costs total $7000 per Degree seeking student
  • Dorms are clean and safe Double Occupancy rooms
  • Meal Plans are included in housing cost
  • Private Bathrooms are part of each dorm room
  • High Speed Wifi is made available to each student