Finish A Degree

Started a Degree? Finish it at Visible.

Visible Music College’s Degree Completion program is designed to allow adult students with some previous college work to apply their transfer credits and life experience in a relevant field to complete their Bachelor’s degrees. The Degree Completion programs offer a flexible path to completing a Bachelor’s degree at a pace that can be tailored to the needs of the student.

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Finish Your Degree and Feel Proud of Your Progress

Program Eligibility

In order to qualify for the Degree Completion Program, students must:

1. Be age 25 or older
2. Have 5+ years of post-high school work in a field related to their chosen degree program
3. Have earned at least 60 previous college credits.

On top of any federal aid, students will pay $20,000 flat-rate tuition (includes transfer credits, Prior Learning Evaluation, and up to 30 credits). Any credits beyond the first 30 would be discounted to 50% off of the normal rate of $675/credit hour. More information on the degree completion program going into the master’s program is available here.

How It Works

Students will receive a specialized degree completion plan based on their transfer credits and Prior Learning Credits awarded. Options are available for full and part-time study, with online and synchronous (live-streamed) classrooms, so students can have a classroom experience without needing to relocate to a Visible campus.

Bring over your Credits

Earn Prior
Learning Credit

Degree Completion students are encouraged to apply for Prior Learning Credits to gain college credits for the learning they received in their years of work in a relevant field. Students can apply for a maximum of 45 credits hours of Prior Learning Credit. Application for Prior Learning Credits will involve students’ detailed explanation of the learning that took place and how it relates to a specific course in Visible’s catalog. These Prior Learning Assessments are generally 13-15 pages for each 3 credit hour course, including a professional resume/portfolio, explanation of learning, and documentation of learning.

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