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The Visible Way begins around the frustrated dreams of people who are alive to their creativity and begin a journey toward expressing it. At every turn, western society in its most commercial and busy-ness, causes creatives to be stunted and thwarted in their leadership development due to having a different approach, a desired innocence, and a passionate mentality. Take these learners and seekers and add educational experience for over two decades, and you arrive with the five ordered philosophic and foundational terms that guide The Visible Way: global, spiritual, professional, academic, and visible. These conceptual frameworks have been interpreted into five everyday words we use to describe what we are doing while in The Visible Way, so you can easily understand and apply this to your life, church, family, band, school, or whatever.



Since our inception, Visible Music College has supported a primary value of the essential nature of the global kingdom of God. We are grounded in the historic orthodox (small "O") Christian faith of a worldwide Church (capital "C"), with biblical inerrancy in the original writings and a devotion to the reality of the Creator God's rule and reign over humankind across the earth. This causes us to operate as a global school, whether that means West Africa or West Memphis. The body of Christ in the Church is aligned in God and Visible is aligned with Christians who wish to be trained Together, no matter where they live. Practically, that means we deliberately attract and scholarship and maintain students from 50 states and minimally 10% of our student population from outside the United States. We are brothers and sisters across the globe and we teach, whether by online technology or physically moving people or opening programs, the world's next global worship leaders and creatives and music technicians.

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Visible Music College, as a spiritually oriented Christian community with a vision for growth together in Christian disciplines, worship for the 21st century Church, and a training center for those who are called to caretake and expand the kingdom of God in music and ministry, aims to draw inspiration daily from our Creator God, his son Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. We gather for daily prayer, weekly Gathered Worship sessions, Life Together groups weekly in study of the Word of God and praying for one another. Our courses are inspired by the truth and majesty of the Lord. Our student housing experience, filled with Bible studies and faithful friends, is inspired by biblical truth and community. Our songs, whether Christian worship or popular stories, are inspired by life in Christ and life in today's world, with recognition of God as divine inspiration and we as human stewards of the kingdom of God and of Visible's mission to inspire and equip students. We walk through life together inspired by God and one another for faithful living.


At Visible Music College, we know that the life of a music person is a challenge. Whether a musician, a worship leader, an audio tech, tour manager, ministry design specialist, or video camera operator, creative ministry and music industry life is a road of opportunity that brings plenty of wearying work. We enjoy creating art and ministry, as we were created to do. We are endowed with the energy God gives us daily and for our life to expend on service, beauty, story, technology, and ministry. As we are inspired together, we develop our own personal drive for satisfying, successful work in an uneven schedule, weekends of commitment, travel and touring, multiple smaller jobs, influencing positions of prominence, leadership of ministry, and stage performance that takes a lot of grit and grind. Every graduate of the bachelor program gets an opportunity at a job offer to earn sufficient income to raise a family and repay their investment in a solid education. Alumni are making money from music, they are leading ministries, they are starting businesses, and they are changing the world with the drive derived from God and given to changing the world.


Visible Music College is a Christian music college. We invite hundreds of students every year to a journey of knowledge and growth in God, great works of art, theories of the universal language of music, and a community of believers for learning. We know the creative mind is busy at work late into the night with visions of life, love, and struggle. We know ministry and careers grow out of a heart for people and understanding of scripture and Jesus' ministry. We practically arrange courses into the life of a musician, producer, and manager. Certificates and degrees are obtained within the work of the industry and ministry in sequence and in cohorts working together on projects, internships, management, creative works, public performances, and focused attention to the craft of creativity in music and art. We do art in music, dance, video, story, and ministry. We focus on the essential elements of knowledge and even wisdom as we grow in a Christian community of learning together. We focus on our teaching skills. We focus on our genre-bending new music. We focus on representing the history and future of music through skill and song and entrepreneurial ideas for ministry and industry. We become lifelong learners and sharers.

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Finally, we become Visible. We are the Church outside the walls of the church buildings. We bring new songs to the world. We engage new songwriters and record them. We develop programs that people of every kind will enjoy - Christmas shows, history Memphis music radio, podcasts, new tunes on online platforms, live concerts for charity, video content, church startups, rock and roll, electronic music, global genres, blues, every kind of storytelling and everything in between. We start with listening. We listen and take in the world around us. We live in an urban context with needs present. We do church together and become inspired by action. We have a drive for inviting people into the kingdom of God within the walls of Visible and in the world around us. We care for others. We grow as believers in faith and compassion. We stand firmly on the orthodox Christian beliefs of the centuries and we open our doors to events, programs, teaching music, exploring depths of emotions with everyone and making people see the beauty and grace of the Creator God. We become Visible.