Specialize and thrive by focusing on the fields that you want to pursue. This is the best way to pursue your calling passionately and faithfully.

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Program Overview

The design of the Music Business program is to prepare you to have the acumen not only to find employment within the music business world but also to transform the industry through entrepreneurial innovation, all from a Christian worldview. The program is designed to help you identify and harness the changes occurring within the modern music industry for both capital and artistic gains. This includes the development of basic business skills (communication, marketing, finance, management), overview and detail of the music industry and vocational opportunities, contractual/legal matters, management of artists, and event/tour planning. Specific attention is paid to integrity in business, operational excellence, spiritual mentoring of artists, presentation skills, planning, and visioning.

What can I do with this degree?

Upon graduation, you will be:

• Prepared both to find gainful employment in the music industry or start your own business

• Demonstrate an ability to communicate, discern, execute and lead at the professional level.

Music Producer | Recording Engineer | Artist Manager | Tour Manager | Record Label Executive | Booking Agent | Publicist | Artist, and Repertoire (A&R) Manager | and many more…