March 22, 2024 9:00 AM

The Worship Summit 2024

The Worship Summit, hosted by Visible Music College is a high-impact, 1-day, modern worship intensive in downtown Memphis. This year features special guest Chris Burns: a worship leader, songwriter, author, revivalist, and preacher. 

The Worship Summit is open to all and geared towards worship leaders, pastors, or anyone interested in exploring their personal leadership in the midst of cultural challenges within the present day church climate. 

Learn how to navigate your wilderness season as a worshiper or worship leader and how to build a strong worship culture in your church, family, and community. Strengthen your leadership, calling, and passion for worship at The Worship Summit 2024.


9am-12p: Teaching Sessions

1pm-3pm: Writer’s Round and Q&A

7pm: Worship Night

Visible Official

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