May 11, 2023

What Equipment Do I Need To Start Producing Music?

Essential Equipment To Start Producing Music


Producing music no longer requires hiring a studio or a record producer to compose an original track.

Nowadays producing quality tracks can be easy and you can record in the privacy of your own home, and still create professional sounding music.

Whether making electronic dance music or rap beats, in order for aspiring producers to develop their skills, they must make sure they have the right equipment.

In this article we lay out what kind of equipment both beginners and professional music producers would use to start producing music, whether at home or in a professional studio. You’ll also get a list of recommended equipment.


  1. What Do I Need To Start Producing Music?
  2. Beginner Music Producer Equipment List
  3. Professional Music Producer Equipment List
  4. Conclusion

What Do I Need To Start Producing Music?

Are you interested in becoming a music producer at home?

For beginners, start by researching other notable producers and learn the history of the different styles, techniques and genres of music you can produce.

Below are the essentials you need to start producing music in the comfort of your own home.

1. Computer Hardware

For starters, a laptop or desktop computer capable of running modern software will be needed.

Typically, music production is best done on an Apple iMac or MacBook Pro.

2. Digital Audio Workstation

You will also need a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation, which is a software editing, recording, and creating audio tracks.

3. Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Next, you would need a suitable MIDI,or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, keyboard to control and compose your music tracks.

4. Audio Interface Hardware

Audio Interfaces with an A/D converter gets your audio signal into your computer. This tool is hardware that is used for connecting your audio gear.

5. Microphone

Another key ingredient to start your music producing would be a microphone. Again, for entry level purposes you don't need to spend a lot of money on this tool.

6. Other Accessories

Other investments you need to consider would include quality headphones, a few microphone (XLR) cables, a pop filter and a microphone stand.

Beginner Music Producer Equipment List

More EDM producers gravitate towards Ableton, while most producers use FL Studio or GarageBand.

Your style plays a part in your equipment choice, but the basics are almost universal.

Laptop/Desktop Computer

apple imac

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

logicpro icon

MIDI Keyboard

Audio Interface with A/D Converter

Scarlett 2i2 Front


Front Zoom. MXL - 990 Condenser Microphone.

For a project or home studio, we would recommend a basic large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Studio Headphones

DT 990 PRO: Open studio monitoring headphones | beyerdynamic

Music Production Starter Kits

product middle image number 1

Manufacturers and current sales vary month to month.

Online websites such as Amazon, Sweetwater, Full Compass, and Musician's Friend have good deals on beginner kits.

Professional Music Producer Equipment List

Professional producers may have a heavy stack of equipment.

They may use Patch Bays, Compressors and other hardware to shape sounds and vocals that they manipulate to use in production.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Some other available DAW softwares that would be considered industry standard, would include, but not limited to:

Studio Microphone Options


Most producers’ setups will be different and based on personal preference, but the standard equipment to produce quality music and sound remains the same.

For starting out, it’s best to keep your budget small and practice getting the hang of the tools and software. As you get better, you’ll find that practice can have rewarding benefits like making great-sounding tracks.

Another way to dive into the career of audio engineering and music production is to pursue a degree at a music college.

Visible Music College’s music production program is designed to introduce you to the tools and techniques used to produce music in the modern recording studio while nurturing your passion to serve the church or industry with Christian character.

With a Certificate or Bachelor’s in music production, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of current technology, recording techniques, and music production skills.

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