Music is Important with Dr. Ken
March 15, 2024

Visible Music Week

Every year, thousands of young people clamor to do something fun and cool for summer and all of them want to be at Visible Music Week. Only a dozen or so will get there.

We’ve been doing a week of summer training for musicians, producers, and managers since 2001. Various forms, various countries, and various successes, but 23 years of inviting young people (and young at heart) to our campus or some church or school globally to join others in an adventure of music development - playing a band, writing a song, recording, being on stage, meeting new people, yes the requisite music theory (we are a college after all), and worshiping together in a new place with new friends and a new theme of “Surf’s Up” or “Dive In” or some catchy phrase meant to entice participation in music.

We call it Visible Music Week because “Summer Seminar” wore out its welcome and “Summer Music Instructive” was my too weird idea long ago.

Visible Music Week or VMW is indeed an amazing time. A couple dozen young people who play instruments come together in Memphis at Visible Music College in June and they find out what it is really like to be in a supportive creative Christian community. We make it a fun and challenging week of long days and fast growth for all ages, staffed by our teaching staff at Visible and upper level interns from the college, which gives a real experience from people who love each other and encouragingly participate in making new music and worshiping together. It is good to be together and many students of VMW become Visible college students. In fact, if you are about to come to Visible this fall then you should know that VMW is essentially free, because we invite all VMW participants to start college in the fall after they attend VMW and VMW is 100% scholarshipped .

We are going to do it again for two weeks in June 2024 for Visible Music Week, so ages 14-25 come join us!