May 11, 2023

Visible Music College sells Madison Line Records

Tennessee-based Christian record label sells to school alumna in California.Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 27, 2023 — Visible Music College has sold its record label Madison Line Records toalumna Crystal Bergman. The Christian music school began and ran the nonprofit record label internally from2000 as Visible Media Group, which later became Madison Line Records. Since its inception, the label hasdeveloped artists, produced songs, released dozens of records, put on shows and tours, and sold music aroundthe world. Madison Line Records has led programming for conferences, attracted bands to Memphis and all itscampuses, and made original music its domain for over two decades.The sale took place on Jan. 31 and was transferred as a for-profit entity. Bergman will manage the Visiblelegacy and continue to work with past and future students, staff and alumni. Bergman will also manage anextensive publishing back catalog as a service of Madison Line Records, benefitting Visible alumni and staffwith their intellectual property.“Our vision is the same as it has been for 23 years – to train and equip artists,” Bergman said. “We operate onthe principles of biblical inspiration and pro-life action. Artists need to be discipled and supported by aunified and godly Bible-focused team now more than ever.”The two organizations will continue to share in active annual projects together, with training continuing forthe Visible family and Madison Line artists. Visible will continue to teach the Constant Attention system at itscampus and the label will use it to develop young artists. Constant Attention is the label system by whichartists are guided through a sequential learning experience of seven areas in the music industry. It preparesartists for the release of a project, and they simultaneously gain the understanding and confidence to managetheir own careers into the future.“We have served mostly Visible Music College students and staff over the years and we are looking forward toexpanding our development opportunities to churches, colleges and artists no matter their age – young orseasoned,” Bergman said.Bergman now serves as the owner, president and acting operations manager of the label focusing onrelationships and support. Ken Steorts, founder and president of Visible Music College, is retained as labelCFO, research and development, and systems manager focusing on the vision for company growth andcontinued refinement of the system.Madison Line Records expressed gratitude for decades of working inside the college and is notably still the“biggest fan of Visible,” according to Bergman. Plans to promote the college and programs, while focusing onChristian music from local churches, will continue.“We have an outstanding team of seasoned music industry professionals coaching our artists from start tofinish – collaborating on ideas to prepare for a career we hope the artists build on for years to come,” Bergmansaid.The label launched several artists in the past six months. Visible Worship Collective is the next representedartist on the roster with an upcoming release. Their first single “Something About Your Name” will beavailable on all platforms on Friday, March 17, and their second single “Alive in Me” will be released April 28.“Launching an artist takes a village, and it continues to be our greatest honor to partner with Visible MusicCollege to train and equip artists with the necessary tools to be a professional musician,” Bergman said. “Nowmore than ever, the development of Christian artists is paramount. We need to send truth and light intoculture, founded on the Word of God and Madison Line Records is bound to that calling.”About Visible Music College:Music is important. Creatives will be leaders. Visible Music College attracts creative Christian students fromacross the U.S. and over 30 countries to a space for inspired, driven and focused education. Within a Christiandiscipleship model, students get hands-on professional experience while earning an accredited certificate,bachelor’s, or master’s degree. Visible graduates work and lead in church ministry and music industry asartists and creative professionals. In addition to the original campus in Memphis, Tennessee, Visible supportscreative educational partners in California, Kansas and Florida, as well as global mentorship of creativeChristian programs. In 2021, Visible launched its fully online campus with live and asynchronous versions formusicians globally. While getting a rigorous education in music, music business, music production andcreative leadership (ministry or content creation) balanced with emphasis on spiritual growth andprofessional development, Visible students make an impact in campus cities by providing accessible musiceducation through teaching and service and get real music industry experience in partnership with recordlabel Madison Line Records. Global, Spiritual, Professional, and Academic: learn more at

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