May 11, 2023

Visible Music College Now in CA

Visible is now in CA


Begin your ministry and career with programs from Visible Music College.Lying halfway between the major entertainment centers of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Central Coast has a groove all of its own. This puts Visible students right in the middle of golden opportunity.With access to West Coast touring, independent music scenes, and contemporary church programming, everything is at your fingertips.Explore the vast range of music industry and Christian ministry options in the middle of it all with certificate and bachelor's programs at Visible Music College California.

San Luis Obispo is a treasure of the California coast. It's full of wonderful people who love the outdoors, the arts, and education. We are a community of local musicians and creative professionals that encourage spiritual growth and practical careers to change the world.

Crystal Bergman

Music Business Major, San Luis Obispo, CA

Located in Central California

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