May 11, 2023

The Rising Need for a Christian Leadership Degree

Christian Leadership Degree: An Overview

Every Christian Leader Needs Discipleship and Training.

There are far too many headlines and hurt feelings that revolve around Christians in leadership positions that do not lead well.While we can firmly point out the root cause to be sin-nature, far too many leaders are thrust into leadership without the proper training and discipleship needed to truly lead people.


What is Christian Leadership? What to do with a Leadership Degree Christian Leadership Styles Christian Leadership in Business Conclusion

Earn your degree in Creative Leadership from Visible Music College

Receive training to become a leader in music, production, business, and ministry for effective service in the music industry and in the Church. Request more information about Creative Leadership at Visible.

What is Christian Leadership?

While “Christian” is often used as a noun, Christian leadership is better explained as an adjective. Leading others in the way that a Christian (Christ-follower) should lead.

Throughout the Bible, Jesus Christ provided many examples of leadership. The way that He called the disciples, the way that He taught, He listened, cared, wept, healed, and more all point to qualities of an effective leader. How do those characteristics translate into our lives though?

Learning to lead is more than one can gather from a sermon or sermon series on Sunday morning. Learning to lead people well requires study and passion.

At Visible Music College, we believe that it’s worthy of an entire degree. Our ability to express our calling and lead others to theirs is central to our mission at Visible. We provide a few different opportunities for students to experience that level of training.

What You Can Do with a Christian Leadership Degree

Visible Music College offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Christian Leadership.

Because we’re established to be a college for creative Christians, our degrees are heavily focused on how creatives utilize those skills to lead others to better follow Jesus and improve their community.

While you will notice that our terminology is “Creative Leadership”, the courses and programs might be better described as “Creative Christian Leadership”.

The Creative Leadership programs are structured in a way that prepares musicians, artists, and other right-brained creatives to lead well.

Christian Leadership Styles

Just as God purposed each of us with unique personalities and talents, we are purposed with unique leadership styles as well.

As we consistently look to Jesus Christ as a benchmark for our own actions, we should take note of the different leadership styles that he embodies and those that he has equipped us with as his followers. Leadership training should not attempt to clone one specific leader’s style.

Training for leadership is learning to embrace the gift that has been given to you, pursue the vision that you are passionate about, and lead others to follow you toward it.

The leadership programs at Visible embrace uniqueness and equip each student for whatever career path they might be called to pursue.

Christian Leadership in Business

It’s easy to assume that strong Christian leaders are meant to pursue ministry within the local church.

Oftentimes, that’s because the strongest or most vocal Christian leaders are the ones that we see behind the pulpit.

However, Visible Music College does not exist just to create church staff members. The mission is to place Creative Christians in the church, the workplace, the music industry, and beyond.

Creative Christian leadership, particularly in business, has the ability to change organizational culture, change lives, and change families.


No matter where you might find yourself or what you might pursue, Visible Music College exists to equip you, as a Creative Christian, to lead others well.

If you find that appealing, we encourage you to follow through with our next steps and have a conversation about earning your degree (Bachelor's or Master's) in Creative Leadership from Visible Music College. We can't wait to see where it takes you.

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