Music is Important with Dr. Ken
June 5, 2024

Transformation Through Internship

Several of my business owner friends do not like interns. I say they are wrong.

Cole Jason is a college student at Visible Music College and he is a bright student. He just dropped a new single last Friday as a singer/songwriter/artist (IG: @colejasonmusic with “Image of God”) and he is recording the role of Jesus in a modern opera in the recording studio at college this month for a European presentation. Cole is also an intern and you might think he is too busy to be great at his job, but I have good evidence he is doing well.

Cole Jason attracts young people to a small Baptist church at a high rate in Memphis because he is a talented and committed intern.

Creative interns are a new phenomenon and Visible Music College aims to make it our bread and butter (that is old school language for “make bank”) off of the flurry of talented and hard working young people that walk our halls. The college won’t “make bank” but we do hope we’ll see more students wanting to come to a college that prioritizes work placement and experience as a big part of the reason for college. We place carefully, watch weekly, get and give feedback, and employ real world incentives to those who do well. Cole Jason is just one of many students and interns that I am going to focus on this summer as we celebrate our “get to work” mentality at Visible Music College.

Friends with business, line up and ask for transformation of your spaces through Visible interns!