May 11, 2023

This Song Will Make You Buy That Item

Music Makes You Shop

We are in the biggest retail season of the year in the western world. Studies show that customers will buy more stuff if they are emotionally connected to the store and the way to do that is for the store to play emotionally, connected music as you visit. It makes sense. When my favorite places to shop play my favorite music, I do want to stay longer and therefore I buy more. I can tell a store is my type of store by the music they play.When shopping for sports equipment, do you want to hear pop or country? When you're buying food, what music do you hear? Ladies, when shopping, are you expecting to hear classical or upbeat songs about yourself and your success? Someone knows what these answers are, and they are hard at work providing those special songs for Christmas to you right now. "Frosty the Snowman" makes you joyful - more toys. Bing Crosby makes you wistful -more candles. Mariah Carey makes you feel powerful -more unnecessary, self-grooming, and comfort items.I’m just kidding about these because I'm not a retail music expert, but music is important to our everyday lives and it makes sense that emotional connections can be exploited. The next time that you hear your favorite song start and your credit card weep, run from the store!Music makes you shop.

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