May 11, 2023

There Is So Much Message In Music - Music is Important

The Messages in Music

There is Nothing Better Than You. That is the main line in a song we sang at a church service I was in recently.It is a great message when sung to Jesus in worship and adoration, not so good when you just see it plainly out of context and think it is a message FOR you. Now, we should all receive the message that God loves us as we are and also is mighty to work transformation in us, but I will admit that the first line there inspires me in a strange way when I see it and interpret to myself.Maybe we interpret musical lyrics and lines wrong all the time? Do you hear messages in songs “for others” and attribute great or fun characteristics to yourself from the chorus of a favorite tune? I’m not sure we do but it is an interesting exercise to evaluate your message receiving equipment in your brain and see if you are really understanding what you are listening to.So much message in music. Is it tearing you down or building you up? Speaking to you, about you, or in spite of you? I’m big on getting lyrics right and I believe messages affect us even when we “don’t pay attention to the lyrics” and think we are unchanged. If you are stubbornly disbelieving me then try finding this worship song with "There is Nothing Better Than You” in it and listen 100 times to see how you listen to lyrics REALLY. You will find out that... There is Nothing Better Than You.#kensteorts

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