Music is Important with Dr. Ken
February 28, 2024

Take That Leap

When you are working toward a goal or a vision, there will always be an opportunity to take a 'leap of faith’.

My birthday is March 1. My whole life I have spent wondering what it would be like to have been born four and a half hours earlier and have a birthday party only once every four years. When we see an extra day in our February calendar, we are reminded of the smallest adjustment for the elapsing of time having turned into a whole ‘extra day’ with which to work, play, accomplish, and do stuff. With everything that is going on around Visible Music College, it does actually seem like we need an extra day to make that leap forward. More likely, we’ll all spend February 29 doing the same things we do most Thursdays.

Yet, Visible was able to take an extra day last week on Formation Friday, gathering at Halford Farm for a rest and spiritual formation day with staff and students. What a great idea!

Often, one of the hardest leaps forward is making the decision to take time out and make that leap with renewed strength and precise calculation and vision. This comes by resetting and looking at the surroundings a bit longer, seeking God’s help in sorting through emotions and competing visions, and letting the calm and peace of outdoors, or community conversation, or quiet reflection to operate on your action plan and become the BEST leap froward. You don’t want to go around leaping forward in everything! Coming into the blossoming spring is an opportunity for everyone to stop, think, ask, consider, inquire, and restfully make that giant leap into some new, faithful place. Maybe we can do that on the Leap Day.

Welcoming new friends to write music at the college this past weekend and spending time together in nature was just the right start to a coming spring of opportunity.