May 11, 2023

Studio is a Break for Musicians - Music is Important

The Importance of a Studio Break

Although the most difficult work of a musician can be the recording studio, with its endless retakes and countless run throughs and overdubs and expected perfection, it is also the best breakaway experience to go into a quiet place and work on creative endeavors with a great team.Such was my experience this past week as we prepared Christmas music for this coming December. Going over the theme of 'Splendor of Christmas” was a joy because it gives an extra boost to the joyful work of recording to consider themes that push us from our negative environment and into blessing and gratitude in the middle of summer. I remembered why Christmas is so nice while I was recording in an eight hour day of concentration and physically demanding performance.Musicians thrive on performance. The feeling of coming alive for an excellent take and readying for many more passes on recording sessions is a rush - and a break. The settling result always comes eventually. Even the best mix becomes a big celebration and a tiny needling imperfection, as a myriad of choices are left “on the cutting room floor” with music production. We thrive and we rest and we record and we listen. Thanks for the studio time, everyone.#kensteorts

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