May 11, 2023

Standing On The Corner In Winslow, AZ

Music Celebrates Life and Connections

This week I was standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Although there was indeed a flatbed Ford waiting for tourists such as myself, I guarantee you I slowed down no traffic nor veered from my martial relationship mentally. Most of you will know this is reference to the Eagles' (a band) song “Take It Easy” and that it made Winslow, AZ famous enough to have gift shops.I bought two stickers. My son Skye and I stopped in on a cross-Southwest trip to San Diego to drop off a car for a friend. You listen to a lot of music to make that ride possible. Music keeps people alive while driving. Music makes memories and keeps memories alive when driving long highways or cruising around with friends…so it is natural for a place named in a song to celebrate the life and connection music brings to people who, in this case, are wandering and running through life and encouraged to “take it easy.” We enjoyed our quick stay in Winslow and will have lifetime memories around the music we love having meaning within a place. Maybe you have a meaningful place and maybe you have a poem, words, song, or story idea you could write about that place. Creativity wells up from the standing on the corner, the sitting in the quiet, the visit to the friend, or whatever your story is today.Notice where you are and what is around you and express it in music. Music is important. I just noticed the Eagle on the window in this photo.#kensteorts

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