May 11, 2023

Spring Break and the Importance of Self-care

Ah, yes, Spring Break, it was amazing to get some needed rest! As the semester grinds on it, we find ourselves realizing that God provides a new lesson in every season of life. There is a time for work but also a time for rest. Even Jesus retreated to be with his Father away from the crowds to relax and recharge. None of us can work infinitely, so here are 5 amazing ways to rejuvenate and use self-care to make sure we don’t burn out.Take time to prioritize rest

  • This may seem like a no-brainer, but young people in college are notorious for pulling all-nighters to study. This can save us in a pinch but often at the cost of our well-being. We often get swept away in the hustle of school and work that we neglect the self-care we need.
  • Emotional self-care – Are you struggling with negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts, worries, doubt, and/or stress? Spend some time this week shifting your focus away from these unhelpful thoughts and replacing them with the positive affirmations we find in scripture. For example, “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)
  • Spiritual self-care – Take some time to be in prayer this week. God is where we find our strength, and this time is crucial to for us to not burn out doing what we are called to do. Prayer brings us closer to the One who loves us the most. This may be the most important way to rest on spring break.

Spending time away from scrolling on electronic devices

  • We are all so attached to our phones, computers, TVs, etc. and it distracts us from spending time on activities that truly bring us peace. Constantly being glued to our devices changes our brain chemistry and can make us dependent on them over time. Our body can crave the dopamine fix, this can cause us to become anxious and disrupt our nervous system. Spending some time device free is a great way to care for your mental health.
  • Instead, spend some time outside enjoying nature and slowing down from the fast pace of your schedule. This will be great for your physical health as well!


  • What!? We just said you should rest! Even so, taking the time to participate in Worship rather than lead is so important to your spiritual wellness.
  • You can’t give what you don’t have so when you need a break, let yourself be led rather than forcing yourself to always lead. It’s essential to our personal growth to be willing to be led as well as to lead others.


  • Take some time to serve. Wait a minute, didn’t we just say we shouldn’t lead? Well, here’s how Service can be restful. If it provides a mental perspective. It provides mental rest from our own problems and is a great way to teach us to care for others.
  • If you are filled with worry, service, and volunteering can be a powerful tool in helping you step outside of yourself to see the bigger picture. This can lead us to gratefulness and gratefulness provides us with rest from anxiety. Contact your local church, soup kitchen, or favorite non-profit to see if they need some extra hands this week, they probably will!

Connect with your friends and family!

  • It may have been a while since you’ve spent quality time with your closest friends and family. Maybe being at college means you live far away and it’s difficult to see them often.
  • Make the conscious effort this week to find some ways to pour into the important people in your life. Fostering healthy relationships is important to one’s overall emotional and mental well-being.

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