Music is Important with Dr. Ken
August 1, 2023

Song for Mom and Me - Music is Important

Music Helps Me Connect with Childhood Memories

I wrote a song for my mom.I spend a lot of time talking about music being important for bringing people together but also talk to a lot of people weekly about being creative and writing songs and ideas for creative exercise. I am just back from a short trip to see my stepdad for the weekend. My mom passed two years ago and he is still reeling from that event and has moved closer to us, so we went and visited as a family. He gave me two leather bracelets my mom used to wear.As I am pressing people to write songs to get feelings and thoughts out of their minds and onto paper (and guitar or piano), I realized I had a chance to write about the feeling I had when he gave me those two leather bracelets from the 1970s. I did. I wrote a song about how I feel about those two leather bracelets and found out something about myself in the process. I found out that I connect my mom’s leather bracelets to an emotional connection to her from my childhood, which should be obvious but was more meaningful as I sang the song last night. It is not a hit song, but I wrote it for my mom based on the leather bracelets I held in my hand.Music is important.#kensteorts