May 11, 2023

Song Editing with Aryn Michelle

Aryn Michelle, Professional Singer/Songwriter & Adjunct Vocal Instructor at Visible Music College in Dallas, gives some quick tips on how to get started with song editing.

Quick Tips to Get Started with Song Editing

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Intro: Aryn Michelle gives some quick tips on how to get started with song editing.

She breaks it down into 3 steps:

  1. Attitude: to have a good song editing attitude, you need to stop thinking about your songs being precious babies and start thinking of them as play-doh monsters.
  2. Avoid (these common mistakes): Aryn covers three common problem areas people may need to address in song editing:
  3. Point of View shifting problems
  4. Same/Same/Same melodic rhythm and range
  5. Mis-set lyrics
  6. Action: Aryn suggests places to find song feedback. Share your song with friends, family, other songwriters, or hire a professional service to get help if self-editing is not enough.

Conclusion: Remember to always do your song editing BEFORE you commit your song to a professional recording. Hopefully, with the right attitude and knowing a few things to avoid, listeners can take action and seek quality feedback as they edit their songs.

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