May 11, 2023

Music is Important - Parenting Musicians

The Importance of Parenting and Music

Parents are hopelessly tied to their kids. I don’t run a parenting blog, but if I did, I’m sure I would encounter parents that care about their kids’ activities all throughout life, way past the, having left the “nest.”As a parent of musicians, you go to a lot of concerts. Some of them hard to get through with all that wasted time looking at other people’s kids. :-) I jest. Parenting musicians does have its rewards though. Even though most people don’t look forward to a night out on Sunday before the work week kicks back in, Joy and I get to experience for some time now the joy of live music on Sunday nights at Blues City Cafe in Memphis because our oldest son Freedman plays trombone with FreeWorld, a band that has played this club gig for thirty years. I love Joy, as one might expect, and we love Freedman, of course. We also love the blues, jazz, soul, and rock music played by FreeWorld and incite everyone who can to come experience this with us weekly (email/text me ahead of time to ensure we’re going to be there).We are tied to the music of the city through our progeny and I captured all three of us in a quick selfie last Sunday. Cheers to being with your children.#kensteorts

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