Music is Important with Dr. Ken
February 19, 2024

Opportunity is Right Beside You (Proclaim International is one)

We are all walking on our own path to our goals and dreams, whether we are planning well or not.

It is a known fact that when we plan for our goals, we achieve them much more easily. Now, no matter what level of planning you have done, imagine that there are strong streams of air blowing past you on either side, from behind you, constantly. You just have to reach out your hands and you will feel them pushing against your hands, and, if properly engaged, you will be propelled by them. This is opportunity.

Opportunity blows past you more than it knocks. You have to reach out and grab it while it is there - and it is moving.

At Visible Music College in February, we begin to explore opportunities more deeply and one such opportunity showed with a presentation by Proclaim International. Proclaim is a music ministry that takes college students and volunteers on missions trips across the world to play music in town centers and events to share the gospel with regular people in regular places. Places like Albania, Peru, and across the world. Our students have enjoyed this relationship for years, and new students are considering going and bringing their gifts to the world through Proclaim. We appreciate Proclaim because we share heart for the same things and they love to encourage and embolden musicians.

We deeply appreciate Proclaim International and are looking now for provision for a number of students who are ready to go grab this opportunity.

It is right beside you and music is important.