May 11, 2023

Not Everyone Can Sing

Think Everyone Can Sing?

Singing in the shower is a great way to start your career. Not really. For many people, to sing in front of a huge audience is a life long dream. We imagine ourselves able to captivate a crowd like our favorite pop star. We sing in the shower and along with the radio in the car and believe we could cut it as a professional singer if we had the chance. We believe we have what it takes to make music that everyone wants to hear and would spend money to come see live on stage. We know we could “make it." We can’t. But my friend Ben is a financial officer for a college and he can sing - very well, thank you.Last Wednesday night he took the stage in what some are calling his “North American debut” (that one time in a bar in Canada doesn’t count because it was karaoke) and he fared very well. Ben was on pitch, good with lyric memory, stood alongside a true professional, and entertained an audience of several dozens. It was a solid outing. More than that, it reminded me that people have hidden talents all over the place. People that you know could get up and sing a song or do a dance that we will never see if we don’t give them some room. It is not just for that late night bar, in the shower, or the car - it is for real - people can sing and we should open up space for them to do so!So, warm up the pipes, get ready for the next staff meeting or children’s birthday party, and sing loud for the rest of us to hear or get your friends to do so and prepare to be inspired!

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