May 11, 2023

Why is Music Important? It Makes The Office Stronger

Music Makes the Office Stronger

When people gather, music can inspire and connect, as I’ve said many times before in reference to tropical island vacations, night clubs, and ceremonies. But music, and especially worship music performed within the context of leading a time of gathered worship, can really move colleagues closer to one another and God as it happens within the office. It may sound strange to some people to have worship music or services at the office, but music and singing together (even without spiritual content) has shown to be effective at bonding a team towards a common mission and tolerating one another. We hope in this case it is more than toleration and becomes something like love.Our annual leadership week launched with shared music and singing.As a Christin music college dedicated to training musicians, we began our annual meetings this week with music and singing worship songs together, led by a team of two people from different departments, staff and faculty. Alumni yes, but unrelated in their jobs and coming together to make music in our large classroom setting for 26 (socially distanced) people. It was a great moment, with staff from multiple locations and from long absent covid arrangements coming together for the first time in months. A large percentage were attending for the first time to a Leadership Week. It was indeed special to sing together, proclaim the truths of scripture together, listen and voice our devotion together, and begin a long hot (HVAC went out) day together of planning for team success. Oh, happy day!Music makes the office.#kensteorts

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