May 11, 2023

Music is Important - It Lingers Long

Music Lingers Long in My Mind

Last week I shared the heartbreaking story of musician Drew Rainer taken too soon from this earth. The joyful music of his life and career of playing in bands and studying music at school was ended too soon through senseless violence. Drew was very near my family as our youngest son’s closest high school friend and regular feature at our home for years. Drew gave near constant eagerness and joy.His remembrance ceremony last Friday was both difficult and powerful.The refrains of his joy in my life for years and now just my mind, combined with the solemn occasion and music appropriate to the setting, reminds me of the strength of music for everyone, especially musicians. Family gathered, friends were somber, eyes were lit with true joy beyond grief, and people really loving the sounds of Drew. I share one of those pieces with you with a video link this week to see an unreleased music video of Drew and his friends Skye and Levi in their natural setting.I would sneak in or drop by their rehearsals (right next to my bedroom) and soap a pic or video and I strung these clips together for a video that reminds me of the good. a cool night with Drew.#kensteorts

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