May 11, 2023

Music is Important - Music is up Early

Music on a Sunday Morning

I heard live music playing in a dark building early on a Sunday morning.So much of what goes into being “good” at something is the number of hours you do it. It takes 10,000 hours, it is said, to become an expert at a technical craft. Similarly, time spent in musical worship service takes a lot of hours of dedicated time, especially in open and free worship times, bringing music and words for a service with skill, character, leadership, listening, and, in some way, performance.I was sneaking out of town early last Sunday and ran into expertise.As I was silently walking around in the early hours of Sunday morning last week at Ocean’s Edge University in Fort Lauderdale, getting ready to depart and head home, I heard music wafting down the halls in the dark building. I was confused because it was so early and on a weekend and I assumed everyone was at home in bed and someone had left music of some kind on a speaker. But people were not only awake, they were worshipping and performing music and managing audio streaming at this early hour, giving their all, giving their 15,000th hour of music and worship in the quiet hours and edges of life’s busy-ness. They were serving with their whole heart, their whole skill, and with decided determination to bless others and God.Pretty amazing. And inspiring. Up early, music was important.#kensteorts

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