May 11, 2023

Music is Important Because It's Transformative

Music Is Transformative

It will hit your mind and heart a certain way on a certain day in a certain situation and be very special. Like the time I heard BB King playing at his own club on Beale Street in Memphis. The sun was setting and my heart was broken from my first trip to the Stax Museum of Soul Music. I was open and ready. Music can be in that space when you don’t expect it.I recently heard a song that shook my heart a bit during a worship service at Visible Music College in Downtown Memphis. It is called, "Champion" and the main words were not the ones that hit me first, just the idea of authority in life. The chorus says,"You are my Champion, Giants fall when You stand, Undefeated, Every battle You've won,” referring to Jesus.This line is followed by, "I am who you say I am, You crown me with confidence. I am seated, In the heavenly place, Undefeated. With the One who has conquered it all.” It’s a lot. It is not an "Oh, Oh, Oh” song, although the melody is simple and singable. Later it says, “I have the authority” and all my biblical training came rushing in to agree and swarm to that idea of delegated authority to Christians by Christ. We are called to be of the same Spirit, act as such and be in a place of authority. Calm and clear. It was cool. Music allowed me to hear that and remember it later when I was down.

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