May 11, 2023

Why is Music Important? For Its Nurturing Effect

Music is Nurturing

I read an article last week about the amazing young man, Noah Wall, in England, born with 2% of his brain function. He was nurtured by his parents with therapy and exercises and music. The article includes in its title “now he can play music” because people love to play music and see people play music. Music is appreciated as a task that takes some skill to do and how it helps in development. Music nurtured Noah.Maybe music grows your brain.Noah plays music and writes and speaks well to anyone because his brain grew from 2% capacity to 80% capacity now that he is 8 years old. Is music responsible? Did it nurture him as he was nurtured by his parents? I assert often in my blog that music heals and soothes and develops a larger capacity for all of us and I believe that wholeheartedly. Maybe it specifically catches up kids with problems to start as it focuses on coordination, listening and coordinated responding with both sides of the brain, and stimulation and pleasure that cause it to go forward when practiced. The joy of practicing music is seldom talked about because high skill takes a lot of actual difficult work. That is true. Maybe Noah doesn’t play music well (yet), I don’t know, but it is a sign he is thriving because he now plays music.I encourage everyone I meet to learn to play an instrument in some fashion for their own self-soothing (nurturing), accomplishment, enjoyment, and interaction with others.Music is nurturing. Music is important.#kensteorts

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