May 11, 2023

Music is Important - Music Wafts

Not Everything That Wafts is Good

Music was wafting across the beach parking lot and onto my boat cockpit.This past weekend I invited some friends and colleagues aboard my small sailboat at a company picnic and enjoyed the first round of showing people around, having raised the mast successfully in a near-death experience. More on that later. But the music we heard was immediately distinguishable for its live nature. This was not compressed pop radio blasted (we got that later from drivers by) but the sound of a tube guitar amp driven to its heated extremes by a handy gunslinger of 70s and 80s rock and roll. He or she was not spot on but very near and adventurous as he or she entertained across the street by the beach, hitting the top guitar stops along the highway of classic rock and speed tricks.It wafted fun.Not everything that wafts is good, of course. Smells, moisture, infection, and bad music as people learn instruments. It is a pleasure when goodness wafts and music always wafts whether good or challenged. Parents always discuss their battle scars from kids learning instruments and the pounding or screeching waft of lesson prep. But this past weekend I was reminded of the beauty of the waft when people share their skills, live on the boardwalk, playing their heart out, with whatever style of music, and bring people together within the 100 yard vicinity.Waft away, guitar person.#kensteorts

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