Music is Important with Dr. Ken
June 13, 2023

Music is Important in Focusing Academic Pursuit

Everyone has their favorite music for studying.

Studying music in college, however, is an increasingly difficult task. Limited scholarships recognize talent compared to STEM valuation, colleges remain way behind the postmodern era of music to include and respect a range of musical style and study, and students have to overcome parental objection to the whole field of study to work very long hours of lonely practice and rehearsal to succeed. One factor that frustrates is the disconnected “general education” required in multiple other disciplines while trying to grow masterful in the art of music.

Visible Music College attempts to connect all of the other fields to the art form studied.

True, a basic understanding of the world positively affects students, but the demand of skill development time on a music student is under appreciated. This becomes the job of focus. You can’t use business math to focus on guitar. You can’t focus on vocal warmup by using English lit. But you can use music to focus on other tasks. When music becomes your study too, how do you focus?

Music students focus on the task at hand and the reward IS the music studied - if only they were allowed to really pursue only music and get the degree too.