May 11, 2023

Why is Music Important? For Social Development and Math

Social Development, Math and Focus

“Give that kid a drum to bang on,” said no parent ever. Kids are just going to make noise and I was reminded of that this week with little nephews-become-parents and extended family with little ones around. You don’t have to give a kid an instrument for music to happen - but it might sound better if you do. Maybe I’ll go with that explanation for parents and school districts to buy musical instruments, because someone needs to listen to what music can do for growing up young people.Music is important for social development and math.Everyone just read on the effects of music on the brain, ok? It’s obvious, needed, essential, and full of moments of beauty too. I was watching a class on music education at Visible Music College recently and saw five cool pop musicians learning how to play violin, harp, and clarinet. Not your coolest stage instruments, generally. But I was reminded of the intense focus and calm and progress and success kids (of all ages) go through when they pursue music. The mind bends towards the variety of sounds, intense or subtle, and the patterns work on our brains to develop concentration, determination, and a resonant calm. All kids need music in their schools all the way through to graduation. Making something beautiful or meaningful and intense with your hands and mouth is fantastic.Music is important.#kensteorts