May 11, 2023

Music is Important Thanks to Folks like Jim Green

My Friend Jim Green

Everyone loves a successful concert.My friend Jim Green passed away last week in Memphis with only fifty years of life behind him. Jim was a dynamic and big personality, experienced in making things happen and bringing people together for incredible music concerts. More specifically, he booked shows daily and nationally and smartly, so he wasn’t bringing people together by personally singing sweet songs, he was working the entertainment industry. Many people appreciated that.Jim was direct and clear, which made his interaction with musicians and artists ("creatives” like me)….interesting. I loved it and we spent hours on the phone (he had that business acumen of being able to stay on the phone for a long time or being completely done with the call instantly, depending on his feel for the moment). I heard his excitement for music and shows and artists and people gathering and doing business. I was all in.We had been planning some really exciting connections with Crosstown Theatre in Memphis and his steady booking of artists at venues across the city. He was genuinely excited and grateful for the connection of people working in the same field. Always seeing the way competition can flow alongside rather than against, Jim was ready for a new day in Memphis music it seemed and also wanting to share his knowledge with students. Granted, he may have scared some of them, but the ready ones would be fired up.It wasn’t to happen in 2020. I will miss him and I will miss the counterbalance of creatives doing art and visionaries doing business. This interaction is needed and when we can all appreciate the individuals involved in both creation of music and art AND the business of entertainment, it’s special.[Rick Tarrant announcing student artists at one of Jim Green’s last booked shows through our partnership with Lafayette’s in February 2020]#kensteorts

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