May 11, 2023

Music is Important For Lonesome Moments

[This is Hardy, Arkansas bridge over the Spring River with my baby, so I wasn’t lonely but you get the picture]

I Feel So Lonesome All The Time

Blue Bayou is a fantastic song from the 1970s by the great Linda Ronstadt. I played it for my Songwriting Specialization course this past fall and I was shocked by the recording. With all the digital music coming at you all the time and compressed, flat, pounding music in the world, Blue Bayou was an intimate journey around the band sitting on the dock playing for me. It helps that I was alive when it came out and I watched the Linda Ronstadt documentary film last year in deep appreciation, but I suggest you go listen to this record.Yes, listen to "Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt on vinyl or a nice purchased file from iTunes and maybe put headphones on and get quiet and listen to the music.Shakers, pedal steel, timbales, just take a moment and listen to the skill and depth of the mix, the sounds of skilled players bringing you comfortable chords, and one of the top voices of your lifetime giving you a vacation down the Mississippi River into southern Louisiana for 3 and a half minutes. The song brings out depths inside you that you may have forgotten or are afraid to touch. You can cry.You too can be lonesome. It’s ok. Turn off the phone. Be lonesome.#kensteorts

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