May 11, 2023

Music is Important Because It Brings Generations Together

Come Together

Generations come together around music.Before you get too expectant of an “around the hearth” story about grandpa loving the music of his teen grandchildren, I’m talking about musicians today and how great it is to share music amongst generations of college students, young children, older people, those of us in the middle (and holding on), and everyone of every age. Music not only translates into a place of meeting for cultures, but generations of people in many cases.I had the distinct pleasure of performing with a group of students last week on the “Around the Tree” A Visible Christmas Tour show in Memphis. Christina Kauffman, Dave Abramaitys, and Grant Payne were a fantastic band and wonderful young musicians with which to work. I loved it! We did an original song of mine called “Around the Tree” and first performed together during sound check! They were total young pros and I was an old pro, squeaking by with a lot of “Thank Yous” in my mind for all the supporters of Visible Music College programming, and the chords and words for original songs from “the beep” (my band, which is reforming this year), in the form of these younger generation players, to bring to the Christmas program.What a delight to work with creative young people who are smart, talented, and also blessed to perform with me - comes full circle!#kensteorts

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