May 11, 2023

Music is Important For The Beauty of Creating

Let's Not Forget The Simple Joy of Creating

Thank you somebody for making this instrument.I’ve created a lot of things in my life and turned ideas into reality around my house, in my entrepreneurial career, in bands, with my family, and just technically around my house and shop and work. I love creativity. I teach creativity. I write about the importance of music. And I am very serious many times. I stay serious. But this little guy got me last week while visiting friends.What is it? I don’t know - you find out!It reminds me of the 1970s transistor radio that I had on my bike driving around the neighborhood when I was a kid, with one mono ear piece in one ear and scratchy station hunting while biking. It reminds me of the Japanese made flashlight that my dad brought back from the Vietnam war deployment in the early 70s. It reminds me a little of the Swedish made mono-synth that I saw at NAMM a few years back. People love making musical instruments because they bring joy. This thing provided music from a simple electronic charged plate reminiscent of 10th grade electronics class. The tones it gave delighted me.Let's not forget the fun, whimsy, and beauty of taking materials around us and creating, for simple joy, something of value and musical intent.Music is Important.#kensteorts

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