May 11, 2023

Music is Important Because It Drives

Music Gives The Drive To Persevere

That drummer worked hard and became a really, really good musician.In spite of all the hardships and roadblocks that a certain young man had on his way to graduation from music college, he persevered and somehow stayed the course all the way through his senior concert finale, complete with some of the best rock bands ever, jazz stylings from numerous sub-genres, and TV show music made for the newest generation. As an audience member last week, I was on that journey with him and his friends, and I tasted the heat on the drum kit and the gumbo afterwards. It was a smoking show, with powerful horns, vocals, guitars, and of course, drum kit.Sometimes we are tempted to give up right before the breakthrough.This guy who wanted nothing more than to be a drummer passionately with years of study and commitment, faced his hardest challenge as he entered his last semester before graduation. His close friend and mentor and drummer friend took his own life. It shocked everyone - and rocked several of the group on stage last week. But the drummer persisted, he gained strength from God, from the words of those around him, and from music. The music drove him all the way home and the music triumphed in the end. In honor of his friend and family. Life brings so much opportunity to stop along the way, but music is a pusher, an energy source, a drive, and often its own reward.Music is important.#kensteorts

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