May 11, 2023

Music is Important Because Music Heals

Music Heals

People Without Masks.A lot of people were violating every government code that was in place. Last week, my wife Joy and I attended a live outdoor concert (we’ve been traveling) and saw a fantastic band playing very upbeat and “together” music. We did our normal masking routine and Covid rule following that seems to be fairly common across areas and then sat down to eat and watch. How refreshing it was to hear live music and see people standing and dancing and singing and cheering and families just having a great time with…wait…hold on a second…what was happening? The thing I noticed with my lockdown brain was that EVERYONE had no mask on. Now, as I placed food into my unmasked mouth, I fairly gasped. I was honestly taken aback by the freedom and joy of this place. Of course, then I realized the family groups and performers and distancing and all that. Responsible people enjoy live music. As we have worked together as communities on responding well to a world wide panic, we’ve seen highs and lows and recoveries and deaths, and frustrations and victories. Throughout, music makes the heart lift. Singing changes the countenance. Music heals our fears. It doesn’t stop viral infectious diseases, but it does permeate the soul and even the body with good vibrations and promising stories of better lives. I was surprised by the masklessness and continued with routine rule following, but was reminded of the deep and great power that music has to bring people together. I say it all the time, but watch next time people gather and the music starts. We need the power of music to heal our communities and celebrate the good life we most often live together. No picture to protect those that enjoy life and need not hear from people who wish they didn’t. #kensteorts

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