May 11, 2023

Kenny G - Music is Important

Knowing and Enjoying the Music You Love

Kenny G was lying there on the ground. I’ve described my favorite music in the world as being “edgy” and “angular” and “complex” and “harmonically dense”. I play in an electro-punk band and got a Master’s degree in music composition at a major university with all the modern music compositional depth and techniques. I went from loving Bach to loving Scriabin in a few short years. I like heavy music that its working hard to stay together, in every genre. Hardcore not Aerosmith. Alison Krause not Garth Brooks. Otis Redding not Smokey Robinson. Angular, tough, clear, sharp music. So, Kenny G is not my favorite. In fact, because my name is Ken and I’ve had long hair for about 35 years, I have been called “Kenny G” a time or two. I hate that.Although Kenny G is certainly proficient, his music strikes me sideways like practice runs from a scale book….turned down softly….without end. So when I saw the Kenny G CD on the ground by my car one day I was happy to see it where it was supposed to be. Like the Casio in the trash (read my earlier blogs), I enjoyed something that I do not appreciate lying in the grass. I took a picture of it for you and although I don't technically believe Kenny G’s music is trash or should be thrown away, I document the occasion of its setting for you. I encourage all people to enjoy the music you do and share it with everyone, even if it is smooth or gentle or sonorous. Yes, even if it is Kenny G. #kensteorts

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