May 11, 2023

Hard Work - Music is Important

Music Practice and The Benefit of Hard Work

We were made for hard work.Human beings are designed to carry out difficult tasks and sort through information and relate to one another with complex signals. Physically, we are weaker than many animals around us. Imagine if the wasps gathered and decided to rule the world - we’d run scared from our homes. But they can’t. We can, and I hope we do with grace and finesse, rule the world. But our bodies and large brains are made for processing and growing and learning."Not just watching a screen”, I say with my best dad voice. “Get out there and do something!” Seriously, we need something to challenge our coordination and development mentally, emotionally, and physically, which is why academics and sports and music all create larger opportunities for people for long term growth and success. Music practice makes one stronger, really. When you develop the resolve to rehearse over passivity, practice for hours on detailed, complex figures, and create nuance with developed skills, you are growing and becoming more of a ruler of your world.It is hard work to be a musician.More on that later on in my series, but for now I will leave you with the thoughts that young people everywhere are becoming smarter, stronger, more resilient, and more capable every day through music practice. I share a photo this week of one who goes beyond the basics every week and practices skill and feel and power until he is ready. His life is better with drums and I believe we all could use some more calculated practice of music for our sanity and life.#kensteorts

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