May 11, 2023

The Beep Single - Music is Important

The Beep Single

ken steorts single the beep album

"My single dropped today.” Madison Line Records Official Announcement That is what I was able to say last Friday. It is a privilege to say those four words in today’s economy and music industry and pandemic-changed world. It is a blessing of teamwork and persistence and constant learning and technical prowess to say these words today. Music making is just one of the skills a modern musician must learn if they are moving towards a single “drop”. Once a song is written and fully edited and ready, it must be recorded, mixed, mastered (magical and mysterious “finishing” process), and then it exists as a file, basically. All that work of creativity and money and decision making and you have...a file. Music seems unimportant at that point. As a less than full time music artist, I have a lot of responsibility throughout my days that is not writing music. Most musicians do have hundreds of items they do weekly that are not music related. But music is the part I can’t wait to get to at work. The active creative process makes much more music and joy than can ever be “dropped”. The joy of making music and recording eventually hits that long, low channel of trudging through platform uploading and design tweaking, marketing strategies, and background accounting in preparation for a “drop”. Someone must do that work and more often these days it is the artists themselves. Then, the day arrives and your single is magically available to the whole world to buy, share, stream, and determine where it goes in their lives. The artist hopes, once again, that the music is important, it somehow jumps into life again and somehow enough people share and enjoy it to become more noticed and more important to people in their ears and in their story, ultimately. "(This is) Where I Wanna Be" is the name of my song by my band “the beep” and by me, the creator. It is important to me and I hope you will share that feeling with me by clicking to a file somewhere in the space of the internet. I loved it for a long time on its way to you. And yes we created a cute .gif file that looks like a static-y TV image to make you happy and listen. #kensteorts

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