Music is Important with Dr. Ken
March 15, 2024

Music (Industry People) Appreciation

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” - Hunter S. Thompson

I always loved this quote on the door of my record label president and the dichotomy of his true view of what he was in and his beautiful kind persona he was adding to this “hallway”. I continue my appreciation and gratefulness blogging today with a reminder that so many great people do inhabit the music industry and care for what is good and right. There is a temptation and a weariness really to working with creatives and their creations but many keep their head up and light alive and godly behavior in front of this hard fight, making the world a beautiful place. I’ve found many of them over the years in the music industry, both CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and mainstream music genres. Whenever you name names, you will inevitably find someone somewhere who does not appreciate that person due to some offhand remark or business deal gone sideways or perceived slight, but the men and women I spend time with and build music industry “success” with are those that are good to people as afar as a I have seen and always try to find good results for people at whatever level they are dealing.

I’ve know David M. Bunker as an encourager, Eddie DeGarmo as a visionary, Knox Phillips as an inspiration, John L. Cooper as a motivator.

All as friends, too, and then those lesser known and behind the scenes, inspiring me for goodness. Jill Dyson, Austin Black, Stacy Wright, Crystal Bergman, and Todd and Emily Marriott. I could name hundreds of people at this point. And that IS the point. Hundreds of people have blessed and encouraged me in creating a school, a band, a song, a landing place for artists, and family, and just being a grateful person for those who create space for music, musicians, albums, tours, and concerts. I’ve slept on a lot of friendly couches and I’m incredibly grateful. It is a hard business and it is a business. It is a challenge every day and people rise to it. Look beside you - someone is running the race. Appreciate those you work with and remember that we are all in a fight together, usually with ourselves to remember to appreciate and be grateful!

Let’s populate that plastic hallway with redeemed people.