May 11, 2023

Music Business Schools for Christian Vocation

Music Business Schools as Preparation for Christian Vocation

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Working in the music industry could be a fulfilling ministry platform to be able to serve others and do what you're gifted to do. If you have this kind of motivation, it’s important that music business schools come into play because a lot of people might have the heart of Christian ministry but don't know the business.

For example, if you can't read a contract and understand copyright laws, then your heart can be in the right place but you'll end up doing a disservice to the ministry of those you serve by not knowing the technical and strategic way to protect them.

A Biblical Approach to Music and Business

Biblical knowledge, as it pertains to the music industry, really boils down to Business Ethics. It’s about wisdom in business.

During the Biblical work at Visible Music College, we unpack the concept of Ethics and the value of such a topic in business.

The music industry is infamous for unethical deals. Ultimately, when the Bible is your foundation on which to weigh good and bad, right and wrong, you are ahead of the curve.

Common Subjects Covered in Music Business School

Subjects covered in music business courses will vary by the concentration the student chooses.

Fundamental Courses

The subjects will include many courses that teach business fundamentals in leadership, marketing, and accounting as it relates to the music industry.

Introductory Courses

Introduction classes will be survey classes of business or management, which will be a broad overview of these two subjects.

Advanced Courses

As the courses advance, students will dive deeper in new subjects that include marketing and promotion, where they will learn and demonstrate the marketing principles. Students also will get to creatively build brands and marketing strategies.

Other Common Courses

Other common subjects music business includes will be topics in finance. These will usually cover the principles of accounting and students will demonstrate their knowledge of GAAP, as well as forecast and evaluate investment

accounting and tax documents

Degrees offered in Music Business School

The best careers in music business might require a degree whether you decide to take classes on campus or online. Music business students often have the option of studying any variety of areas but the most common degrees they obtain are Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

This degree is offered at many of the top schools and they emphasize management and entrepreneurship.

Examples include BS in music management or music business.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA enables students to gain a deep understanding of how businesses operate. Students will develop skills in communication and business decision-making.

Examples include BBA in music business with emphasis in leadership, marketing, or financial accounting.

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This article about what to consider before applying to music college is another great start to your ongoing research.

Researching and comparing music business schools can be time consuming but it’s definitely worth the time and effort because of the valuable return on investment. It’s an investment as a Christian to truly make your future career impact others for the church and as an influence in the music industry.

Earn your degree in the field of Music Business from Visible Music College

The Music Business Program at Visible will prepare you for the music industry from a Christian worldview. Request more information about Music Business.

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