May 11, 2023

Music is Important - Music and Presentations

Music and Presentations

student presenting

Music makes a presentation go way better.

I work with a lot of musicians and educators and church people doing a lot of varied tasks of creativity and administration. It is not always delightful work, but there is a lot of fun in it somewhere - it’s music! Sometimes we work really hard on communicating well and making sure all layers of people know the changes and coming details of work within multiple organizations across global campuses…and it fails. Often, every one forgets how many times people need to hear something before it sticks in their brain.

Music makes the brain pay attention when words can’t do it all. Why not use music for the communication and presentation? Everyone can remember lyrics better than just rote memory drills - we all know this. We get to be a part of some very creative presentations as we push creatives to present more than they wish they had to. In this day and age, presentations are a part of being an artist and an educator and the barre is set high (right use of the word “barre”?). So it was with the recent presentation to all school staff in Florida where we laughed about the sad (and, to be fair, unused) portion of our prepared presentation. I didn’t see it until afterwards, but it was sitting there in that room with us and never got noticed, I'm sure. Thankfully, we had actually prepared a graphically pleasing presentation with pictures and multiple speakers talking…though, we did not include any music - so I am preaching to myself here today. Use music. Enjoy this worst ever presentation picture.


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