Music is Important with Dr. Ken
March 22, 2024

Meaningful and Practical

I hope my life will be meaningful and practical.

In a sense, every living creature wants their life to be full of deep meaning with recurring, aligned experiences that have emotional import and resonating impact, aligned with very simple, repeatable, practice-able tasks that are both understandable and bring some fruit of work in them. Ah, the life of an intern! Internships are paramount at Visible Music College and even our missions trips are really internships due to the meaningful and practical work that is accomplished as students reach out beyond the walls of the college and do stuff. Basing a college system on a foundation of creative Christian community and then expecting people to just go to class would be un-meaningful and impractical.

Doesn’t your life need a jolt of meaning and practice?

As the spring season each year blossoms into fruition, we take a look at the coming empty summer months where school closes and fun opens. Visible expects students to find internships from the hundreds of partners we have developed over the past 24 years. From the local church or studio to the far reaches of the globe, we excite students to find work that is aligned with their goals and bursting with future opportunity to express their gifts in ways that are lasting and skills based. Not just pouring coffee (or running to pick it up), not ruining someone's spreadsheet, and not holding down a desk chair all day trying to pass the time - real, good work. We see nearly every student do multiple internships as a part of their Visible program, up to 15 credit hours and on their way to a job in the field. 100% of our graduates with a BA will have a job offer, many before graduation, because they are amazing and we are amazing at letting them be amazing!

Amazing! Let’s all get out there and get meaningful practice!