August 1, 2023

Why Equipping Yourself for Ministry Matters

God has granted his people the gift of song and music's very nature is both individual and communal.

The church NEEDS equipped musicians

There is a great need in the church for worship leaders, pastors, and ministers in general. For many churches, critical positions can go unfilled in the areas of music; either for the main service, worship services, or other areas where music is needed. But music is integral to the overall worship, prayer, and faith of the assembly. God has granted his people the gift of song and music's very nature is both individual and communal. We experience God in the quiet of our hearts and through communal worship with our congregation. Faith is strengthened and grows through our worship as the Holy Ghost leads us to deeper conviction and love. We are tasked to share the Lord’s powerful message with the world. This is an undertaking that should not be taken lightly and done with care and consideration.

Obtain theological knowledge

Being fully equipped for ministry and having a good understanding of theology and biblical studies whether you’re a pastor, worship leader, or youth minister is essential for your vocation and service to your church and congregation. When you are put in charge of the sung prayer of your assembly it is important that you choose music that both uplifts the community while encouraging and strengthening the faith of those gathered. Having a theological basis will help you not only choose the most pertinent worship songs and hymns of praise for that day but will allow you to minister and disciple more effectively.

Formal musical training

Contrary to some assumptions, music is a skill that is learned and grown. Talent can be God-given, but honing that skill takes time and practice. Music can come very naturally to people, but at a certain point training and mentorship is required. This is why “having a good voice” or “playing the guitar” does not equal Worship Leader. Many worship leaders begin leading worship because there is a need, and they use their gift in service in their local church. A pastor might need someone to fill in or they’ve heard some of the youth can play music and they are given the huge task to lead the congregation in worship each Sunday with little to no understanding about how to best do this. Worship leading is so much more than just picking new songs and printing out sheet music each week for the worship band. Musical training enhances your talent, trains your ear, gives you tools to take care of your voice long term, and is crucial for the longevity of any musician's career.

Resources & connections

When students study at a college there is an immediate network of people to meet and collaborate with. Having a support system of peers in the same field is an amazing resource for encouragement, sharing ideas, and spiritual support. In this niche field of worship leading, there is a need for students to build a network of people that they can reach out to and learn from. Learning in a formal setting also allows access to resources that may be unfamiliar. Different technology, software, instruments, etc. can all be utilized in your ministry and assist you in other aspects of the job like sound engineering, music arrangements, and musical selections for each service. Learning about the resources available to you brings confidence to your work and makes it easier to solve problems that may occur down the line.

Bringing the love of God to community

Jesus Christ himself is compelled by his love of God, his Father, to begin his ministry of sharing the good news. What a beautiful way to live your life in service to the Lord and his people. When congregational singing occurs, it is a powerful open expression of their faith and giving praise to God. Worship is a vital element of a Christian's life and having a strong worship leader can encourage deep spiritual growth and an increase in faith. Music brings people of all cultures, ages, and walks of life together. We build community with each other through music as we sing and worship, drawing closer to the one whom we celebrate.


The next generation of worship leaders are purpose-filled and driven artists who will impact our culture and world. You can be among them. You have gifts to give the world. You will learn from professionals and experienced musicians how to hone your craft and take your artistry to the next level. At Visible Music College, you will be prepared and equipped for pastoral and musical leadership. Check out our application here https://apply.visible.edu/apply/.