Music is Important with Dr. Ken
July 20, 2023

Visible Music Week is an Opportunity

In the music world, the summer is festival season.

Summer comes with opportunity - are you willing to take it?

For college students, summer brings a well deserved respite from daily classes back to back, exams and papers unending, and grades on everything that is done. Pressure, costs, events, assignments, and processes abound. By the time summer comes around, rest is in order and it feels good to let the mind simmer a little and wind down lazily for a few days. That said, the open space brings new opportunity.

Every opportunity is lined with a lot of work, but maybe it is worth it.

In the music world, the summer is festival season. For all the glamour of a large crowd stage performance and tour busses, festivals and tours and big shows are very hard work for everyone. At Visible Music College, we train the musicians in the band, the engineers at front of house, and the managers behind the scenes. Even the road pastors and support staff and the social media content creators are taught within our system, much like the real world. More on that later.

Each time a new prospect comes along for work or door swings open to a new opportunity, your drive can kick in or remain in neutral. I suggest that we observe the personal character and process and detail of the opportunity, evaluate our own realistic mind space and schedule, and rev up our engines to meet the energy demand with some strong and purposed drive....or stay at rest!

Visible Music Week just completed today and 28 students got that experience of turning on the drive for a week of growth!