Music is Important with Dr. Ken
July 20, 2023

Musical experiences of all kinds lead to musical decisions

Focusing on music for a week changes what is the real world.

For creative people, music making and creative community are like air and water - we need these daily and cherish the moments away from “the real world” to create and make music together. Sure, we grow in skill and technique throughout our musical journey, but it is the connection that makes such an impact usually. So it is with Visible Music Week, a week long program of Visible Music College that is designed to encourage young(ish) musicians to play music together with theoretical knowledge expansion, ear training, songwriting workshops, band development, recording experience, and fun and spiritual depth together with like minded individuals from all over (had one student from Serbia this year).

Focusing on music for a week changes what is the real world.

Maybe you find that you CAN do music for a career, whether performing, recording, leading at church, teaching, or writing at home. The experience of being with a tight grip of mentors and seekers together is energizing for a music person. Maybe you find you could do music causally. Maybe you find a new desire for technology. Maybe you find your next adventure in college. Visible Music Week at Visible Music College last month was a great experience for us and for the students. I saw a little bit of the talent and missed too much. It made me long for the early days of school and music and bands.

Time for some musical decisions?

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