Music is Important with Dr. Ken
July 20, 2023

A lot of work goes into making good music happen

A lot of work goes into making good music happen.

We all love to get away in the summer and listen to music. Music is (very very) important during the summer festival season.

This summer, we have three students (Noah Neal, Aaron Tritt, Cole Jason Adams) from Visible Music College helping to run the setup and execution of a brand new Christian music festival called Light the Way Festival in Olive Branch, MS on June 6/16-6/17. What a great time they are having learning in real life about festival prep, the enormous work done behind the scenes of a music event, and how to communicate and execute tasks daily to bring together a large project. As a college president, I am so proud of Austin Black, Visible Music Business Chair, for putting this together and for these students working on an important project and gaining college credit. This is how you grow educationally.

A lot of work goes into making good music happen.

Even when it is summer or off days or weekends or whatever, you can accomplish just the thing that you need to do by adding a bit of music to it. Maybe you need to mow the grass and you can do it in the length of one album (for those younger readers, an album used to take around 45 minutes). Similar to listening to a podcast, music can give you a little more space to think while you work and enjoy the small tasks because you’re listening and remembering, and processing thoughts. Let your work be an act of joy while you listen to new or favorite music.

And come out and join us in mid-June for the first-ever Light the Way Christian Music Festival in Olive Branch, Mississippi!

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